Selling Real Estate with Michelle

Selling Real Estate With Michelle

What is it like to sell with me?

Here are the steps in a nutshell...

1. You need to own a property (I thought I would state the obvious).
2. You want/need to sell it (sometimes people don't want to sell, but they have to. It happens).
3. You fill out a Seller's Intake Form to tell me all the juicy details of the property (attached).
4. We go over preliminary, but necessary paperwork, including:
-DISCLOSURE OF REPRESENTATION IN TRADING SERVICES (explains my fiduciary obligations to you and what agency means).
-PRIVACY AND CONSENT (explains how your information is collected and used).
5. I take a look at comparable properties that have sold, expired, and are currently listed to determine a reasonable list price (I really don't like listing high and I can explain why it is a bad idea).
6. You clean, dejunk, declutter, stage and do whatever else we need to do to prepare your home for selling.
7. I bring in a professional photographer to take pictures (the ones I take are amateur, at best).
8. We post it on and many other local sites.
9. You accommodate showings.
10. I get feedback on showings to see what potential buyers think of your place so we know if we need to change the price or anything about the condition of it.
11. We get an offer.
12. We negotiate all terms and conditions until the offer is accepted (or until it dies and goes away, which is sometimes depressing and sometimes a blessing).
13. We wait for the buyers to remove conditions (subject removal). 
14. Subjects are removed! SOLD sign goes on.
15. We celebrate!
16. You pack up the place and arrange for movers, service disconnection, etc.
17. We wait for closing day (money and title changing hands).
18. You take the money and run!! Yaaayyy!!

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Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services - RECBC (Your Relationship Wit copy(1).pdf